Andrew Cuomo Vs Mitch McConnell's
Politicans response during this pandemic -Negative and positive-

At this moment New York is receiving 14.8 percent of the benefit of SNAP, the 7th highest and given by the federal financial $1,792 per resident and is the 14th highest with median house-income of $ 64,894. The federal government income $ 220.6 billion

Mitch McConnell Argument

Kentucky's senior United States senator and as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is against giving more federal aid in the pandemic emergency, letting it be known that those with major problems in the coronavirus pandemic should be considered bankrupt. It also adds that further assistance to state and local governments should be thoroughly investigated. McConnell's words were a great rejection of Democrats who are spending billions of dollars to help states in this crisis. He said to stop and turn their backs on the heavily affected states like New York, California and Illinois. Since states do not have the possibility of filing for bankruptcy McConnel also raised the possibility that states instead of spending federal money to help him would leave the federal government in great debt. He said he did not want Washington to help with pension programs.

Andrew cuomo Argument

The Governor Andrew cuomo caused an unpleasant reaction to what McConnell said and that one of the saddest and most ridiculous comments was to declare bankruptcy, Cuomo added that if declaring bankruptcy would help to recover the economy, Cuomo pointed out McConnel for hyper partisanship for distinguishing states that are in favor of him in police rather than states where people are dying, he added that because they do not simply think that states are dying and not think separately of the nation with politics. He also added that the first relief package for the states was woefully inadequate and that the lack of money was ridiculous. What did small businesses finance but how about aid for the police? How about the fire? What about teachers? And the schools ?. Later Andrew said McConnel is a rival to the labor movement and that he would not be quick with pension reliefs he considers to be too generous benefits.

Serious Consequences

The consequences for the public if the stimulus package is not approved, people are unemployed and desperate, they will not be able to support themselves in terms of food, rent, material things that are important to live.
McConnell's language of "blue state bailout" is so dangerous right now because it can make the nation split with its political opposition and it is not the time of this it is a dying nation and also McConnell has been the first obstacle to raise money for local governments.


I think McConnell is only thinking about money and what may happen next and not how difficult people are going, millions of people without jobs who need help, who need federal help in all states to survive the crisis.

I agree with Andrew cuomo because it is not policy time it is a pandemic there are many people dying, It is time to give more help to everyone. I completely agree when Cuomo says "They funded small businesses," he said. "Great, good move. How about the police? How about fire? How about teachers? How about schools? ” Where is the help for the schools and teachers, firefighters and police, it's not just the businesses that need support, we are the whole nation.

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