We must work together to save SYEP before it's too late.

I want to participate in SYEP because this program not only provides many opportunities for young people like me, it also allows individuals to connect with peers, develop new skills, and expands their knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate. Participating in this program would be a new and meaningful experience for me.

SYEP is important to me and my family because my family receives low income every year so it's very difficult to be able to get anything we need or want. This is because of our financial problems. Furthermore, SYEP can help me and my family throughout this issue.

The Mayor cutting the SYEP program this year is a bad idea because many people don't realize this but SYEP does MANY things for young adults that no other program can do. SYEP is important to all young people and cutting this program will affect us in a negative way considering this program has helped many of us through some difficulties.

In addition, this program literally has so many benefits to our society that we don't even understand. It comes with so many opportunities, earns high amounts of money, gains knowledge and developing new skills, as well as connecting and interacting with new people in the community.
Bronx, NY
May 6, 2020
Wasila Ibrahim
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