Why are hospitals closing?
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why are hospitals closing ?

According to the article “New york times” states that New york hospitals face $400 million in cuts even as a virus battle rages. The state lawmakers said that slashing hospitals budgets to rein in medicaid costs while the coronavirus is spreading is “cruel, inhumane, unacceptable”. Which i agree with because during these moments of a pandemic hospitals are what we need the most at the moment. Doctor David Perlstein, the chief executive officer of St.Barnabas Hospital ,has been trying to get more beds and ventilators because of the covid-19 pandemic which has filled his hospital with more than 100 patients which will get worse later on as more people get infected.
Then a week ago doctor David Perlstein received disturbing news by the state senator that Dr.David Hospital will lose millions of dollars in “government funding”. This funding was created by Governor Cuomo before the virus even reached the united states, the purpose of this funding was to rein in the state’s growing Medicaid program. Perlstein said “during a time I need to commit all the energy I have to really save lives and expand access and not skimp on resources, now I have to worry about how we're going to continue paying our bills”. I agree with him because right now during this crisis doctors are trying to help save people's life, but now this doctor has to worry about the hospitals bills. I don't really agree that the hospitals close because there are millions of infected people who are fighting for their lives and of course with the help of the doctors.
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