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Cuomo vs McConell

According to the article “ the new york times” it state that Mr.McConell does not agree with providing aid to each state with whats going on right now the pandemic. Saying that those suffering steep shortfalls amid the coronavirus crisis should instead consider “bankruptsy”. Mr.McConell said “I think this whole business of additional assistance for state and local governments needs to be thoroughly evaluated”.

On the other hand Governor Cuomo believes that Conells comment was one of the saddest and dumbest comment of all time. Cuomo accused Mr.McConell of hyperpartisanship, critizizing him for distinguishing among states based on their political leanings, rather than “states where people are dying. Why don’t we think about that?not red and blue. Red,white, and blue. They are Americans dying.” said Cuomo. The red white and blue means the American Flag, when Cuomo mentioned “Red and blue” means the republicans and Democrats.

Im on Governor Cuomo side because i agree that Mr.McConell made a dumb comment saying that those suffering shortfalls due to the pandemic should consider “bankruptsy”. Cuomo isn’t mixing this pandemic with politics he wants Mr.McConell to see that there are Americans dying and that is something Cuomo does not want. Americans do need to continue receiving the goverment aid. If people stop receiving it many people would starve because people use that to buy food for them and theyre family, many people need it to be able to survive with what the goverment provides.

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Marileni Mauricio
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