This shows that hospitals are closing.
Social Studies
Why are hospitals closing?

State lawmakers said "that cutting hospital budgets to control Medicaid costs while the coronavirus is spreading is cruel, inhuman and unacceptable." I think they are right because they should not cut money for hospitals because there are many people who are sick in this crisis and they need the hospital staff to be comfortable for their needs and to have a quick recovery. Dr. David Perlstein is looking for more beds and more ventilators for the virus sufferers but he knows that the interns have filled all the bronx hospitals. The state senator broke the news to Dr. Perlstein that the hospital could lose millions of dollars to government funds, and Andrew M. Cuomo was the one who proposed recalling the hospital funds earlier this year before the virus reached the United States. I think that they should not close hospitals and much less cut the increase in funds because there are people who have the help of those funds for medicine and now that this virus is less they should do that because there are hundreds of people who have this virus and they need that help.
Bronx, New York
Yailin Marte
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