Cuomo vs. McConnell
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I am going to give my personal opinion that the money that the government is giving is incorrect because it does not put a curfew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tenant pays the rent and believes that with that government money he will pay all the months rent plus food. Well, if some people who are not working get the money, it would be good for their food, but for the people who are working, I think it is accumulated money for anything you need in this pandemic.

During the Great Recession, tax collections fell so abruptly that state and local governments fired and laid off police officers and cut aid to key services like healthcare, transportation, and schools.

The current recession is worsening, and bipartisan groups of governors and mayors across the country have been asking Washington for help to help them keep workers on their payrolls as they fight a growing public and economic health crisis.

But Congress failed to provide money for state governments in the $484 billion aid package approved by the House on Thursday, after Democrats failed to persuade Republicans to do so, establishing the next political battle during the pandemic.

McConnell said he was opposed to sending money to state governments if they were going to apply it to fiscal problems unrelated to the pandemic, such as shoring up underfunded pension plans for public workers. Rather than looking for handouts, Mr. McConnell said, states should consider filing for bankruptcy.

In a report I read that this money will be deducted next year from taxes, so it is not awarded to citizens if it is not taken. The government never loses, it always wants to win, because they are the richest in the country.

In other words the country is in crisis because people pay a lot of taxes and despite this I have heard that 1 million people have died, and I have read in a documentary that the virus virus has killed more people than in the Vietnam war.

We cannot say that Trump has acted well with this pandemic virus.
Bronx, NY
Dahianna Cabreja
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