Cuomo vs McConnell: different opinions about Covid-19 economic situation
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Cuomo vs McConnell

My opinion about this article is that McConnell is a Republican who wants benefits for him and his circle. On the contrary Cuomo is worried about the situation that happens right now in the United States.

My side is with the Governor of the state of New York Cuomo because he said “(...) states where people are dying. Why don’t we think about that? Not red and blue. Red, white and blue. They’re just Americans dying.”

I totally agree with that because in a situation where people that are passing away, where people don't have any money to eat or to pay the rent, where people are unemployed who can work from their home, Republicans and Democrats have to be united and the only thing they should be worried about is the horrible situation that's happening right now.

The government should help the people that most need money including those people that work all their lives for the government and depending on their pension. It is not fair that the senator McConnell does not want to give money to “blue states” which means giving money to Democratic voters that is because in November there is an election and he wants the Republicans to win.
Bronx, NY
Lisbet Estevez
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