Was Bernie Right?
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How the COVID-19 virus affects poor people

The main values of Americans are as follows: Americans tend to think that the future will be better than the past, they are very optimistic. Democracy and capitalism, they think that the best form of government is democracy and that all citizens have the right to choose their leaders. Individuals from an early age are encouraged to be independent and carry out their own goals in life, without depending on family members or friends.

Equal opportunities means that all people should have the same opportunities but not get the same results. They believe that each person should be rewarded according to their personal effort, which causes different levels of life and personal success to be established. In the United States, each person's personal merits are highly valued, stimulating the country's competitiveness.

Bernie acknowledges that the challenges facing the American healthcare system must be corrected immediately, as they are a matter of life and death. He has always viewed health care as a human right and must be guaranteed to all Americans, regardless of wealth or income. He believes that the health and well-being of an individual will always be above the profits of a corporation. He also supports the creation of legislation that reduces the cost of medicines and attacks fraud in this industry. On the whole, his policy proposals are based on achieving a universal health system.

I really like Bernie's way of thinking since humans all equally have to have the same right. There are people with so little power that they cannot pay a doctor because their earnings are not enough for that, since they have to maintain an example if they have children and buy their food.

I think that the rich should help, and there are many who give money to people, but I think that is not the best way; give a person better food, materials for their children to study in school, it's more than good.

Right now in the United States we are experiencing a COVID-19 crisis, but I think that the way it was before, right now, it's much better, I just think I should give him help. to people who cannot pay a doctor or that the help for them is lower in money than the people who can pay give money.

How does Sanders say that Covid-19 is specifically affecting workers?
Workers are affected because they have to work to feed their children and pay the rent, but they see that the wealthy do not have to worry about this because they already have the money they need to support their families and provide them with food. Look at the difference: the laborer works hard to feed his family while the rich man does not worry about these things, here is the reality of life.
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April 30th 2020
Carolina Henriquez
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