Bernie Sanders response about the Corona Virus
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Bernie Right?

Bernie Sanders wants to make an equal opportunity for the American society on health care insurance. At this time our society is facing the biggest problems due to the pandemic and the coronavirus. Therefore, Bernie Sanders thinks it is important that the Americans rethink the basic assumptions underlying the American value system. In the article, Bernie Sanders says, “The absurdity and cruelty of our employer-based, private health insurance system should now be apparent to all. As tens of millions of Americans are losing their jobs and incomes as a result of the pandemic, many of them are also losing their health insurance.” This shows that Bernie wanted to make an important decision by giving everybody healthcare insurance. No matter who you are or your work based employment everybody should be guaranteed healthcare insurance. During this time people should have the opportunity to get healthcare insurance because we never know when you can get sick? Therefore, low-income families are at a higher risk of getting the virus. Also, they are suffering and dying more than wealthy people. I agree with Bernie Sanders because he wants everybody to have the same education and he also wants to provide medicare for all no matter their income status. The other thing Sanders wants to change is to ends homelessness so everybody can afford a house where they can live and feel safe. To conclude Bernie Sanders can be an excellent president because he wants equal rights for everybody.
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Ilyasu Jalloh
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