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Save SYEP 2020

This news made me sad: the cancellation of the SYEP program for young people to work in the summer. Many of us applied to this program for reasons of wanting to help our family or out of need.

I know it is cancelled because of our safety during COVID-19 but I also think that there are more options to be able to work in the summer without going to work physically.

Already we are doing everything online in this situation, including school, and I know that this has changed a lot in daily life but i think you should be able to find a way to allow us to work from home.

Honestly, canceling the program was not the best way, there are many like me who applied to this program to help their family. I applied to be able to help my mother with my brothers, but now how will I help her?

I want you to also think about the best for young people, I know that safety is important but we have already learned ways to take care of ourselves and also to be able to work at the same time.

Thank you very much for taking a time to read what I wrote.
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April 28th 2020
Carolina Henriquez
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