Was Bernie Right?
Social Studies
Healthcare System in the United States

Sanders means that we need to think again about what health insurance is for the homeless and the unemployed. Due to the current situation, practically all citizens residing in the country need medical insurance to be able to be cared for in a hospital. It also refers to the fact that it is not fair that health insurance is only for an employed person and also specifies that the United States does not really have a medical system and the COVID-19 has given this to be demonstrated, since many hospitals and clinics are being closed and declared bankrupt.

From my point of view they are totally right in everything they say because it is not fair that a person who does not have a job or that a person who has been dismissed due to the pandemic cannot receive health insurance at no cost just for the simple fact that he is not employed, and I agree that a new law should be put in place stating that unemployed and homeless people can receive health insurance at no cost.
Bronx, New York
Tuesday, April 28th 2020
Michael Anazco
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