Bernie Sanders' best proposals for the entire country.
Bernie Sanders and his views on the country's economy.

I go with what Bernie Sanders is saying because this is one of the highest income countries in the world and then when this pandemic hits, all income disappears. And also as he says will happen to the 40 million who live in poverty, the 87 million who are uninsured or underinsured, and the half million who are homeless.

In his personal opinion, Bernie Sanders is one of the people who cares a lot about the welfare of the citizenry, and that's something not everyone in government does. As you can see from what he said here Also, while doctors, governors and mayors tell us that we should isolate ourselves and stay at home, and that rich people go to their second homes in less populated areas, working class people don't have those options.

Bernie Sanders also wants to get Donald Trump out of power as you can see from what he says. Now I will do everything in my power to unite this country to help Joe Biden defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history.

In definition for me I think Bernie Sanders will have good luck if he runs for the office he wants because he has good proposals for the state. And those are proposals or rules that any citizen would like.

The underlying of the American stock system that we must rethink is the Securities and Exchange Commission because it is the one that is losing the most in these problems that are attacking the country, with the pandemic. Because the stock market fights fraud in the securities investment sector to ensure that the stock markets are fair.
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