Was Bernie Right?
Social Studies
What basic assumptions underlying the American values system does Senator Sanders believe we need to rethink?

Some of American values are Education, Freedom of the Press mean freedom to write about Government Democracy. Bernie’s problem with our current healthcare system is that if you lose your job, you lose your insurance. Sanders can make a case that switching to a single payer health-case system would be beneficial, given the amount of waste and inefficiency in our current system. This means it would give all Americans dental, vision, mental-health and long-term care, massively expanding both the number of people and who have insurance and the range of treatment they can get. All things being equal, these changes would significantly increase the amount that Americans spend on healthcare like currently around three trillion dollars less to be spent on healthcare over the next ten years. In other words, Sanders is promising more coverage and more treatment,for a dramatically lower cost. Sanders says Covid-19 is affecting working people, specifically working people already suffer from many illnesses that Covid-19 can worsen. Sanders explains how Covid-19 is affecting working people specifically because they don’t have any option to stay home, they have to work to provide for their family. Therefore poor people are suffering higher rates of sickness and are dying more than wealthy people. When doctors, governors, and mayors are telling people to stay at home, people who live paycheck do not have any option since they have to feed their family and pay the rent. I agree with Bernie Sanders because I am one of the immigrants that live in American with my family so if Sanders plans to work maybe next year if we go to our doctor we just have to show our insurance card so we don’t have to spend our money on health care. Sanders' single-payer program would fulfill the progressive goal of universal healthcare as a right, if passed by Congress and successfully implemented.
Bronx,New York
Germaine Amoussou
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