Government during responses to COVID 19
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How have politicians perspectives influenced their responses to COVID19?

How have politicians' perspectives influenced their responses to COVID19? The Washington Post, President Trump responded to COVID 19 by saying that everything was “under control” and that the virus would just “disappear” in warmer months. But now it looks like is the COVID 19 is taking control of everything we have. And we can’t wait for summer's be disappear. Dr. Anthony Fauci said “Testing now is not going to tell you how many cases you’re going to have” that mean the pandemic could ultimately kill between 1000,000 and 2000,000 people in the US and the projections have since been lowered to under 1000,000. And a possible Fauci dismissal on April 12 after the doctor said in a CNN interview that earlier social distancing and stay-at-home orders from the administration could have saved more lives.Vice President Mike Pence grateful that Congress is answering to deliver these additional $320 billion in relief for the american worker and for small businesses and they help 5.1 million americans have been tested for the coronavirus. According to CNBC Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes the worst is over if we continue to be smart, Cuomo revealed that the death toll from COVID 19 in New York which is the epicenter of the pandemic in the US has topped 10,000 people. The governors from Connecticut, New Jersey have been talking for the past couple days about how to come up with a reopening plan. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is more successful at slowing the increase in cases than other states have been. California’s power as a nation state announced that it would lend 500 state owned ventilators to other COVID 19 hotspots in need and would use its immense budget surplus to start an almost $ 1 billion supply chain. South Korea has reported 10,702 confirmed COVID 19 cases and 240 deaths as of April 23,2020, the authorities have implemented comprehensive testing and tracking, which has enabled early isolation and treatment while minimizing widespread mobility restrictions. After registering more than 500 new cases per day in late February and early March, the number has slowed to an average of less than 15 per day by late April.
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