Was Bernie Right?
Was Bernie Right?

Despite being the richest country in history, the United States is currently facing two great things that affect the country itself, which is the coronavirus and the collapse that the economy is having right now, Sanders says they need to return to examine fundamentals of American society and find out where they are failing in order to find a solution. The medical health system is a joke right now that is based on what people can afford and now with this pandemic it is more than evident, people who lose their jobs right now are also losing their health insurance as a result of the pandemic and this shows that it shouldn't be that way because health insurance shouldn't be a benefit but rather should be a right for people, with this pandemic it has also become clear that the system is irrationally incredible as many of the lowering workers in hospitals have been laid off and many of these hospitals have also declared bankruptcy for failing to continue due to so many infected people, Sanders says that medicare should be a right for everyone and that it should provide medicare to everyone in the different states of the country. Sanders also says that it is obvious that this disease can be acquired by any rich or poor person but that it is also true that people with low resources are those who have the highest rate of disease and die easier than people with more income, in addition it is more than clear that people with low resources do not have the same options as people who have more access to what money would be, therefore, rich people can say that they can isolate themselves to a place where there is not as much population but people with low incomes they do not have this option, therefore this disease is directly affecting those with low resources. Sanders tried to follow in the footsteps of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said that in a truly free society economic rights should be considered human rights that was true back then and is still true now, so Sanders will do everything in his power to unite the country and help Joe Biden defeat the most dangerous president in the history of the United States.
I think Sanders is absolutely right when he says that this pandemic is directly affecting low-income people since not having many options or access to what would be public health, these people die faster, I also agree when he says that access health should be more a right than a benefit, and despite the fact that all these people lose their jobs, it is necessary that each of them continue to have access to public health. All of this has become a global problem and is affecting everyone, but especially those people who do not have a way to get ahead. I think Sanders is right in wanting Trump to stop being the President of the United States and I also think he is doing the right thing in supporting Joe Biden so that they can have the peace that everyone needs and can improve many things.
Bronx, NY
Yoleni Guillen Diaz
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