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Healthcare and Iniquality

According to Bernie Sander, the values ​​that Americans have are hard work, education, freedom of the press → freedom to write about government, democracy, responsibility, these are the values ​​that Americans have since they are recognized as workers. Bernie Sander with the current healthcare system Bernie says: "As tens of millions of Americans are losing their jobs and incomes as a result of the pandemic, many of them are also losing their health insurance." The reason for all this is why medical care is considered only a simple benefit for employees since many do not see it as a guaranteed right. With the journey that we are progressing well beyond the pandemic, Bernie's said that they need to approve legislation that can offer one or that can guarantee medical care to employed and unemployed people as well and the legislation will be for every woman, every child and also every man. In the case Bernie's Sander said that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the economic part also many people who were unemployed due to the pandemic and this turn also affected people around the world a lot since many people worry about the expenses that they have to do, for example, how they are going to pay the rent, how they are going to go out to work, they also wonder how they are going to earn income if they were unemployed. Another thing Bernie mentions is a very important point Bernie Sander said, "Poor and working-class people have lower life expectations than rich people in general, and that tragic unfairness remains even truer with regard to this pandemic." This means that poor people are the most affected since they have to continue working and exposing themselves to being infected. But even so many people are exposed to being infected with the virus since they continue to work only with a reason to be able to bring food to their homes since they are low-income. There is a very important point that I totally agree with Bernie Sander since they want to approve the law for everyone, regardless of their status if they have a job or are employed. This means that the health and benefit of medicare is a human right since we are all worthy of obtaining that health benefit.
April 24, 2020
Arlin Aparicio
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