This is to show the Mayor the importance of our SYEP program
Politics and Economics

I want to continue being part of this program which teaches us new skills and to have more experiences about new and important things to know.

SYEP is important for me and my family because in this way we can get good at the process of doing different things, learning little by little. Also this is a great program to begin your own company in the future.

In my opinion I think that there is no reason to have to cancel such an important program because we have the ability of working online from our home since we have the facility of using internet sources and our computers.

The students are taking classes online so we could be doing the same for SYEP, I know this would be an excellent idea because I have experience working remotely through my internship at MetaBronx as part of Work-Based Learning.
Bronx, NY
April 21 2020
Bemerly Collado
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