The importance of SYEP
Politics and Economics
SYEP has to be saved

I want to save SYEP because they are programs in which we young people have the opportunity to learn new things such as: learning more English, improving our skills, among other things. At SYEP we young people feel that we do not need help from our parents to earn money and that we can ourselves.

The SYEP is also important for my family because I have a cousin who also works in the summer and we help as much as we can the economy of my family because it is not very high and we also have family members there to help in other countries.

I would like to tell the mayor that what he decided is not the best for the youth, nor the families because the SYEP is an opportunity that we youth do not have, and if he cancels it, many youth will lose the opportunity to develop for the future, also such a big decision is not taken overnight because nobody knows if the COVID-19 reaches an end before summer.

It is time for the voice of us young people to be heard and that together we can save SYEP.
Bronx, NY
Claudia M Torres
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Created on 2020-04-21 at 23:01 and last updated on 2020-04-22 at 16:51.