This is to show the Mayor why I decided to join SYEP
Politics and Economics
SYEP Program

I want to participate in SYEP because I want to acquire new knowledge about their jobs, learn new things about the social environment and to have a little work experience.

SYEP is important for me and my family because this way I can have work experience and I can acquire money to help my family in something that they need, and also because this way I can have my mind occupied in something that I can take advantage of.

I would tell the mayor that it is not a very good idea to cut the SYEP program, because what he would do is take away the opportunity for young people to obtain new knowledge, and this would also cause young people not to have their minds busy with something that helps them obtain new experiences as well as deal with the current virus.

If the program takes places, it will be of good help.
Bronx, NY
Monday, April 20th 2020
Jairy Suarez
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