The Hospital is approaching frozen limits when covid-19 emerges in New Yor
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The hospital is approaching frozen limits when COVID-19 emerges in New York. In this case, we are responsible for ourselves, since the government established prevention rules to avoid contracting COVID-19, in this case here, those affected are the entire population since we are more willing to contract the virus or we can easily become infected Because if we don't follow government rules, there are no more risks of going out and getting the virus. According to the document I read, what is happening is that hospitals are reaching the limit of offering beds for the sick, as the number of patients with COVID-19 increases every day. This is happening in New York as it is the state most affected by COVID-19 right now as based on other information New York State has 122,031 confirmed cases and we can also see the total number of people who are have recovered, which are 12,187, we can also see the total number of people killed by COVID-19, which is a total of 4, 159 people who have died from COVID-19. As we know, COVID-19 disease started in late 2019, and even in 2020, it is affecting the health of many people. It is important to be informed, as we can be careful not to be affected by COVID-19. The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) (caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus) has increased the demand for drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and reagents, all related to COVID-19. Currently, what is being done to stop the coronavirus pandemic, doctors are working to obtain the vaccine against COVID-19. And on the other hand, the government is helping in the way that it is providing food to people who need it so that they do not expose themselves to going out and contracting the virus and thus expanding it further.
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