Is Jim Gaffigan's secret dream to be a frat alien?

File this one under 'famous celebrity lookalikes'.

I found the cartoon version of comedian Jim Gaffigan in a CBS Sunday Morning segment showing Jim in quarantine with his family because of the coronavirus pandemic. They can't really go anywhere so they've been webcasting from the Gaffigan abode in New York City.

Who wouldn't be struck by the resemblance between cartoon Jim and D.P., one of the two frat aliens from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? For all you ATHF aficionados, D.P. is the one whose "dad owns a dealership".
United States television
March 22, 2020 inspired by November 30, 2003
Jim Gaffigan / CBS Sunday Morning / Cartoon Network / Adult Swim / Williams Street -- ATHF Season 2 Episode 19
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