Distinctive and unique to the school: the painted stair risers
The painted stair risers

Ever since the first day i came to LPA, i've been more and more amazed by the stair risers painted with the names, colors, and mascots of colleges and universities from all around the United States.

It's such an amazing idea to begin with, and the quality of the work is astounding. The detail on the mascots is incredible, especially given that the artist would have had to be laying down on the stairs for long periods of time in order to finish the work - on each of 56 risers!

It's such a distinctive display, unique to the school, and the work is so good that you can look at it every time you walk up.
Longwood Preparatory Academy, Bronx, NY
Summer 2018
photograph by Philip M Shearer
iPod Touch G6
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