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Domestic Violence In The Bronx

The most pressing social issue in the bronx is Domestic Violence because the hispanic woman’s are the most affected in the bronx. In the report called “New York City domestic violence fatality review committee” the author writes from 2010 and 2016, the Bronx had the highest number of intimate partner homicides(78), as well as the highest per capita rate of intimate partner homicides-almost two times higher than the rate in any other borough. This is caused because a lot of women get into relationships at a very young age. In the Bronx, New York, all the women are affected by domestic violence but the most affected are the hispanic women. All the women are mental and physically affected. In many of the relationships that there is domestic violence the woman also tends to suffer mental abuse since it is not only physical, in addition to that when they end that relationship they still have memories of everything that happened because of the abuse. This happens when the relationship is getting hard. In this case are affected the person who is abuse, also if there are any children looking at that moment, they can be affected and mentally traumatized.
Bronx, New York
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