Gang Violence in the Bronx
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Gang Violence

The Office to Prevent Gun Violence. This program seeks to reduce further armed violence will require strategies that include the application of traditional law and involve residents and neighborhoods as partners. That program was created in February 2017 in NYC. The purpose of the law is to help deter young people from reestablishing gang or gang networks and educate the community about best public safety practices and help neighborhoods rebuild after demolition. The Office to Prevent Gun Violence is partnering with the NYPD to pursue a post-takedown engagement strategy that connects people to immediate resources. This law is good because it helps eliminate gun violence and helps young people get out of gangs. but it is not enough because it does not have much security to prevent young people from entering gangs. Therefore, this program has very good opportunities for young people to get out of gangs and help others get out of gangs.
Maryely Toribio
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