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Gang violence
Gang violence

The problems with gangs are very criticized because all the legs are involved in robberies and deaths, kidnappings for this reason many people fear their legs and more when young boys are involved who are the future of tomorrow and also when they injoin into a gang they forget to do good things. “The most important consideration in a discussion concerning drop outs and gang membership is recognizing that once a youngster joins a gang, dropping out of school almost always naturally follows.” The people involved in this act of organized violence are the young people who do not have good resources and the families depress them. what is happening is that since a young man joins a gang, 90 percent of the schools are reluctant to be involved in organized crime this is happening in the city of New York but in reality it is worldwide and many people are afraid according to the reports on the website
http://www.csun.edu/~hcchs006/10.html | image from https://nj1015.com/gang-problems-persist-in-new-jersey-audio/
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