CIHS Industry Partners Meeting

NYC public schools can have different areas of extended specialization in addition to students fulfilling the academic requirements of the Common Core curriculum.

One of the specialization areas is Career and Technical Education - CTE for short. Schools that offer this area of study provide an opportunity for their students to be better prepared for the professional world, in part through specialty classes, and in part through coordinating Work-Based Learning (WBL) internships for students at industry partner companies and organizations.

CTE programs are available to 12,000 students in The Bronx alone. Crotona International High School places a high number of their students at internships during the school year, with a focus on the media production professions: graphic design, photography, audio, and video.

MetaBronx and The Glass Files host more than 50 students a year, and as such were invited to the CIHS Industry Partners Meeting in October 2019.

The CTE teaching staff welcomed schools administrators, the Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Grace Dodge Campus, the school guidance counselor, and representatives from Bronx Community College (BCC), Balbuena Graphics, BronxNet, The Glass Files, and MetaBronx.

We looked at student work, reviewed the CIHS CTE curriculum, discussed possible updates to the program, and industry partners shared their experiences working the students.

It's great to see such an excellent group of people enabling education for the 21st century.
Crotona International High School, Bronx, NY
Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 3:30pm
text by Philip M Shearer from MetaBronx
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