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I came to the united states becauses : For a better future and for causes of danger towards the death of my family
I was told this by my :my grandmother
During my journey to the united states i felt : wrong because I experienced things that I never thought I would do in my life
Because : my grandmother stayed in the country
I came to the united stated on :in september 2018 /10
The first lesson i learned about the united states was : that not everything that shines is gold just like other countries here also suffers from hunger worries for everything
I thought the united states would be : which is supposed to be a free country but in reality it is not
(But/ and ) the united states is really :well bronx county is very dirty it happens full of garbage
I came to new york in :buses cars combis trains
The most important lesson i learned about my journey is that : that when you are on your way to any place you should not eat in everyone because not everyone is. good people
bronx new york
carlos solorzano
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