This is the baseball team of Crotona International High School
Family Of Baseball

This is photo of the 2018 season Grace Dodge baseball team.

In the 2018 season, we actually prayed before any game. We went from being in division A to a strong position in division AA. We always found a way to practice, inside, outside, and when it was really cold, and we become more united as a team. We also spend a lot of time together and we learned how to live together instead of fighting.

This image represents a recognition for the great sacrifice that we Crotona players went to get to a point to identify the school and put our school in a better position sportingly. Before these young people joined the team, that team was a mockery because they only knew how to lose. Now we have respect because in a short time we showed to the other Bronx schools that united as a family we can handle the teamwork and play well.
Crotona International High School
Jose Martinez
photo by Edwin Alvarez
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