Junk food in the Bronx
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“Americans spend almost 46 percent of their food budget on restaurants and take-out.More than 2 million California adolescents (62 percent) drink soda and 1.4 million (43 percent) eat fast food, every single day according to the policy brief, Teen Dietary Habits Related to Those of Parents.”
The problem is that in the bronx there are more places of fast food than healthy food.
Most people live very tightly, don't have enough time to cook for themselves, and fast food just meets the needs of most people, fast, convenient, and cheap, even if people realize that this is not healthy, most of them are used to this kind of food, so it is very difficult to get rid of it. I recommend try to give yourself some time, or prepare food for yourself in advance, and wait until you go to work or school.
Wei Hao
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