My father and mother hanging out with friends, circa 1949
Social Studies
But I thought your were Puerto Rican!

In 1994 while I was a graduated student at the State University of New York in Albany during a conversation with one of my roommates who happened to be graduated student of history, the topic of Puerto Rican Identity and Racism came up. I was trying to explain that in Puerto Rico colorism takes the place of racism. I used my family as an example.
Me: "Take my family as an example, My father is white and my mother is black"
Jimbo: "Wait what?! but I thought you were Puerto Rican!"
At this point I had to try to explain to Jimbo and others in the room the racial and ethnic dynamics of Puerto Rico.
Aguada PR
Circa 1949
Israel Soto Duprey
Familia Gonzalez Torres Family Album
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