A document that explains why some minorities are poor
Why Some people are poor
Why there are poor people

Some people are poor because they have fewer opportunities than others. The government of the united states does not spend enough on education.
The national women law center shows that latin women only earn 53 cents for every dollar.
The U.S. Census Bureau confirms that the middle class earns less every year since last century. The pie chart shows that 6% of a trillion dollars in education was spent in the United States.
The pie chart shows that in the United States only 6% was spent on education people who are caucasian earn more money than other areas or immigrants.
The rich people keep the same amount of money or increase it. poor people are poor because they have no problems and are only using the help of the government of the united states.
Some minorities are part of the poor population of the United States, they are poor because they do not invest enough money to education and their needs by combining all the problems such as low quality education, the problem with wages and that every time people earn less money from the past cigarette, they lead to low-income people being marginal.
The Bronx,NY
Bayron D.
The national women's laws center, The U.S. Census Bureau
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