The United States spends more on defense.
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U.S. Spends more on defense.

This image shows that the United States is the country that invests the most in defense in the world. This data is surprising because if you see the investment that have the other seven countries, together have less invests in defense all together than the United States. Between China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany, these countries sum a total of 609 billions dollars in defense, but, the United States have 649 billions invests in defense. This means that the United States is the country that cares most for its own safety.

This explains why some people are rich and some people are poor because if the majority of the money that we give for the taxes go to the defense funds, this money can't be used for the citizens welfare. If you use the money for the defense, that only is beneficial in one part for the country, but, they need to distribute this amount of money in other important things like the transportation, a section in which they only invest 2% of all the money that moves through the country, also, they can invests more money in the Medicare and Health, this is a very important section in this country and in all the world because the health and the wellness are the thing most important, too much people can't pay their medicaid monthly, this country only invests 6% in education!
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Thursday, October 17, 2019
Michael Perez Tejada
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