United states should invest in more areas in the country
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Bad Investment in USA

United States should put more money in different areas not just defense. in this picture from Peter G. Paterson foundation reports "The united states spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined". United states invest more in defense than others countries. This is a really a big problem because many areas need to be invest by the government to grow and give more opportunity to people and help in a better way. Also not every area of the country have the sufficient money to help the people who life here and help to have a good life. National priorities project confirms "Social security unemployment and labor $29.1 billion, 3%". The social security need to invest more in jobs. Census Bureau explain "A middle-income american family makes less money than before. Defense is good because protect the country but different areas in the country need to be invested, you can conclude that the government of United States should make good investing.
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Anyeska Mendoza
Peter G. Peterson Foundation, National priorities project, Census Bureau
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