Why are some people rich and some people poor?
Social Studies
Taxes problem in U.S

Some people are rich and some people are poor because every race gender have different paying.
M.I.T .Jonathan Kozol shows "The present system guarantees that those who can buy a $1 million home in an affluent suburb will also be able to provide their children with superior schools"
The present system use the money to buy house but Pubic school need help the students.
Petter.G confirms "The United States spends $649 billion and the other seven countries spends $609 billion."
In one years one country that is U.S spend more money to help the countries and the other countries like seven use that money to help the countries,
National Priorities Project suggests "The discretionary spend money on the military."
The government spending more money to help the military more that health and education.
You could argue that every race gender have the same paying but here's the weakness because women can't have level has men.
The government doesn't spending money on food,health and education.
Germaine Amoussou
National Priorities Project, Petter.G , Jonathan Kozol
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