Why are some people rich and some people poor ?
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Problems of Taxes

Some people are rich and some people are poor because of the way the government spend tax money. According to OMB National Priorities project "to the government the military is more important than education which has a 6% and food 1%, meanwhile the military has 54%". As a result the government is neglecting the needs of of people like food. In another source National Women's law center it says that "A latina woman makes less money than a asian women", Therefore i think it's not fair because both came from different countries to work. Finally, in another source Peter G peterson foundation it says " The United States spends 649 billion more than 7 countries together 609 billion". I think the United States which is one country spends more than other countries. In Conclusion, Rich people should pay more taxes because poor people gain less money and rich people gain more. I Agree with Bernie Sanders because He is going to give everyone free Medicare and Free College tuition.
Bronx, New York.
Marileni Mauricio
National Women's Law Center
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