Why are some people rich and some people poor?
Social Studies
Tax preferences

Some people are rich and some people poor because rich people pay less taxes. NPR confirms, "Schools get money based of the neighborhood's property". This means rich people have bigs properties and more money and for that reason they have to pay to schools. Stephen Martin points out, "After a person dies. Wherever is not taxed goes to who people usually children that are related to the person". This is saying that rich people even if they die they can leave their money to they family. Stephen Martin confirms, " President Trump lowered the number of estates tax by increasing the exemption amount to $5 million per person". This means when rich people die they make their children more rich. Rich people should keep their money because their work hard to get it. But here's the weakness because some people born rich and they don't work hard to get the money. The government have more preference with rich people.
Yessica Disla
Stephen Martin, NPR
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