Why some people are rich and some people are pour?
The wage gap is even wider for african-american and hispanic women

Poor people do not have the same benefit of rich people and more when we talk about women. Sources say that women compared to men do not earn what is necessary to support their families, it is also a matter of race since your salary is beaten by who you are and where you come from. For example, as the image says, Caucasian women earn around 78 cent, African American women earn around 68 and lastly Hispanic women earn only 57 cents, that is, for African American and Hispanic women, the salary is less than the Caucasian. This is because people treat and pay people differently according to their race and it is obviously not fair when you work and you don't have the money that you should receive for the work you do. This is also because rich and poor people do not have the same benefit. You could argue that they really have the same opportunities as men and that races don't matter, but here is the weakness that women really do not have the same treatment as men or do not have the same treatment when they are from another country.
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Yoleni Guillen Diaz
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