why some people rich and some people pour?
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Why do the rich and people pour?

Why are there rich people and poor people? I think the reason there are rich people and poor people is because the government helps the rich people more and benefits them from the government is better. According to the graph "the amount of money spent in the army 598.5 billion or 54% of the tax, the government spends a lot of money in the army even when there is no war and does not help people who need it like people who in the streets. One reason that there is poor and rich people is that rich people's schools are very different from regular schools. This is because the government does not treat rich people as it treats poor people This could argue that people who study in private schools have more post-civility to be imprisoned in large communities and that people with low incomes do not have the opportunity to demonstrate what they can do. In conclusion, the rich have more help from the government and that That is why the poor remain poor
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