Why does the government take less taxes from the rich and pay less to the
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Why are some people rich and some people poor?

Some people are rich generally American people because they earn double, the government take out less taxes but to Hispanic and African people are poor, they work more but they earn very little money and the government take out more taxes.
According to WOMENEMPLOYED.ORG/EQUALPAY The author reveals a caucasian woman earn 78 cents. This means that the American people earn more that the Hispanic and African woman just for see born in this country and to know perfectly the language.
WOMENEMPLOYED.ORG/EQUALPAY reveals a hispanic woman earn 54 cents and the African American woman earn 62 cents. This shows how the discrimination and racism exist with the hispanic and African American woman just for color and races.
A history of taxing the rich the author confirms that the most amount the rich people had was 90% in 1944 and the less amount was 28% in 1998. This means rich people in a period time pay more taxes that the poor people to help to the country but with the time the rich people pay less tax that the poor people. I could argue that the governments can help to the rich people because they have more money and more opportunities there they have worked to have a lot of money and play less taxes. But here's the weakness because they not pay a lot taxes so how the government can help if the rich people have more money than the poor people so they need more help and more opportunities to progress in the life.
In conclusion the governments help more to the rich people and the Hispanic and African American woman, also there many discrimination with they and that's the reason that earn less are poor and they can't progress.
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Guadalupe Coreas
WOMENEMPLOYED.ORG/EQUALPAY, Thomas piketty, Paris school of economic
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