Military Spending in the United States
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Spending in The United States

Some people are poor and some people are rich because the United States government spend to much money on one thing than other things. Stockholm international confirmed that, "the United States spend 54% $649 Billion on the military." this shows that the United States is spending to much money on the military compare to the other resources. Stockholm international declared, "Seven (7) countries is spending $609 billion on the military." This shows that the United States spend more on national defense than the rest of the world and this is wrong because the other resources need money too. National Priorities project reveals, "the United States is spending only 6% and $65.3 for Education." this shows that the United States don't care about the children education because they are not spending enough to satisfy the student and this is not fair because the students are the future of the country. You could argue that the United States government should spend too much money on the military. The reason for that is because the military protect our country, they go outside the country to help others protect their countries too there life is in danger but they taking the risk to go because it is their job to protect the United States population and help other. As a result imagine if they lose their life how their family will feel about it I think they deserve it. In conclusion the government have a valid reason of spending that much on the military. But also they need to increase the money and add it for other resource like Medicare, food and education. Tom Steyer says, “Americans are deeply disappointed and hurt by the way they’re treated by what they think is the power elite in Washington, D.C.” This shows that Tom Steyer want to make equal right for all the people in America because everybody is disappointed by the president. And also he understand how everybody feel and he is ready to help the population so they not going to be hurt again for tax....
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National Priorities project
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