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The jukebox was an automatic playing device typically a coin operated machine where it would play the music you wanted to hear. This specific jukebox is from Elvis Presley an American singer and actor. The jukebox was in sony squarespace with a lot of other cool things. Many students from the summer internship loved seeing the jukebox. Tomi from the career degree said “I felt that the jukebox was beautiful because it had a lot of memories of songs I used to listen to and enjoy” and brian from the older youth “Vintage Piece, Would’ve taken it home, might design my own”. Since I didn't go to the trip Tomi and Brian were telling me there experience; I asked them “What was your first thought about seeing it?” Tomi said “Does it actually play music?”, Brian said “I hope it’s not just Elvis”. This was Tomi’s first time seeing a jukebox but it wasn’t Brian’s and I kinda wish I went to the trip but sadly I couldn't. I was also wondering if they had asked the worker’s to play a song and they both said yes, Tomi put Bad by Micheal Jackson and Brian put The Experience by Jimi Hendrix. I decided to also ask them if the quality of the music sounded different Tomi said “Yeah it felt a bit more authentic” and Brian said “The quality was astoundingly better than i expected”.

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