my lifetime experience with a VR

Having the chance to see the world of virtual reality really changed my perspective on technology. Sony SQUARESPACE located in Manhattan New York invited me and colleagues to experience the world of virtual reality. being in there and looking around and using the controllers were so much fun. Feeling like i was in the actual game felt like it was real. Like i was actually shooting a gun and being in slow motion during that! I loved the VR so much i am deciding to buy one soon. Sony gave me a chance that i thought was never going to happen. Before this day i never had used the VR so everything was really new to me. The other guy beside me was actually a worker there and he helped me with the basics. Moving round , picking up the weapons , dropping them , moving in slow motion. I would love to come back here soon to see what else i could try out. Sony thank you for everything.
sony square space
eduardo ferreras
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