Sony experience

Sony experience. This is the front of SONY SQUARE SPACE where the CareerCLUE from The Glass Files went on 08/14/19. SONY STUDIO is where artists make their songs and took pictures a lot of years ago and choose the best to put in magazines and advertisements. I saw a big screen, really good cameras, video games, virtual reality, photos of some artists, robot puppies. Then, we went upstairs and saw library of photos of famous people, old pictures that we have to put in the lightbulb to see it. This was interesting to me because I never saw old pictures that needs a light to see the color and how the people look like. The quality looks different that the pictures we take in our phones. Rendy report that he learn about the products that Sony have and that they took pictures to old singers and the technology that Sony have today and how they make life easier for us. His favorite part was playing playstation and he would like to go back with his cousin and aunt.
Manhattan, NY
Anyeska Mendoza
MacBook Air
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