sony gives us a chance at a lifetime experience
sony SQUARESPACE experience

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation that creates technology that is sold in our country. Yesterday we visited the Sony SQUARESPACE located in manhattan New York. Consoles, cameras, TVs, virtual reality , and even robotic dogs!! Sony gave me and my colleagues the chance to experience some of the technology. For example, to experience this massive screen on the companies wall right when you walk in. Here in this picture you can see the huge screen that's in the building right when you walk in. in the Sony SQUARESPACE there is different station to go and check out. One of the first ones you see is the virtual reality set which takes you into a world of first person perspective gaming. Next to that is a set of consoles called the playstation 4 which sony is most popular for. In front of that station is a set of cameras. Sony's cameras give high definition quality for a very high price. Then the most futuristic product they have there i would say is the robotic dog named aibo. The stations their gave a whole new experience. It was different than school because we were free to enjoy what we liked. We were able to try out the same products no matter how many times.
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