the financial literacy course taking place.
financial literacy

The financial literacy course was meant to teach us about how we can manage our money. Suzanne Goldstein Smith is an accomplished financial services professional. She taught and gave us some knowledge about how financial literacy. Such as bankruptcy , how to handle your money and ways not to spend your money so easily. She showed us examples on how celebrities managed to waste all of their money. For example she showed us how MC Hammer a famous artist who went bankrupt when he spent all of his money on cars, houses and items. Suzanne showed us ways we can budget. Was does that mean? It means how can you settle your money. What you spend your money on. In the picture you can see me in the red and my colleagues in the back. We were actually on our phones to follow and connect to Suzanne on social media. I could say this course gave me a lot of hope because in school I don't have courses like this. It really made me more aware of what I should i do with my money. The point of the course was for us students to learn how to handle our money. Money can either be our best friend or our worst enemy.
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