divine touch
Career CLUE 2019
divine touch: design team work

This is a photo of the graphic design team working together at the MetaBronx. In the photo is Jonathan and Rell passing a ruler over their work space.
Currently, the design team is drawing a banner of the outside of the building, looking into the work being done inside the MetaBronx space on Rider Ave. The banner is going to be used for promotional purposes. Rell, a Career CLUE student, said: "We were tasked with the project of drawing the outside of the building depicting all three floors...We all have different strengths."
The team is made up of Jonathan, a teacher, Sasha, Rell, Carlos and Luis. Jonathan has been facilitating the project process, by giving ideas and suggestions. He will do the final step of digitizing the photo in photoshop. Sasha sketches, Rell is a typographer and graffiti artist, Carlos draws characters and Luis draws cars.
Jonanthan summarized the purpose of the piece is "to showcase the different work stations at MetaBronx" such as the hardware area, software, library and music rooms, but with a sci fi/supernatural spin.
This is the team's first big project of the summer and everyone is enjoying working together. Until this work, everyone was doing individual sketches, but now they are all contributing to one project and are liking building it together.
In the photo they are passing a plastic protractor, one that builders use. They used it as a tool to draw straight lines.
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