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Sha’nya and Tomi are High School Students and they are doing SYEP program of 2019 at The Glass Files, and the woman is the manager of Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council Inc. where The SYEP went on july 23, 2019 to interview the seniors. In this picture Sha’nya and Tomi were explaining to the Senior Citizens what the younger youth and older youth, they would do record interviews about their life. Those who wanted to be interviewers went to the computer lab a room that was in the senior home, the interviews was about knowing about their life and what things they went through to published at The Glass Files and connect their history with family history. Tomi was A little bit scared in front of the seniors because she doesn't know what to say. Also she learns that Senior story can be interesting to hear and learn about their past, For her was important to be there because she wanted to learn more about the background of the senior story’s.
Mid-Bronx senior citizens council
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