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Sharbie took the picture. She graduated this year from Crotona International HS, she is the photographer of MetaBronx for the summer. In the photo they are high school students and their teacher. They are in CareerCLUE youth, in the writing team at The Glass Files. I form part of this group and we were working on transcribing interviews from seniors who live at the MidBronx Senior Home. They told stories of their life for example about how long they’ve lived in the Bronx, where they came from and what were their challenges in life. It was exciting and frustrating at the same time, because sometimes you couldn't understand what they were saying and I had to figure out exactly what they were saying. The transcribing purpose is to be published in The Glass Files page and also the transcript allows people to read along with the sound making in more accessible. This was a challenge for me because my first language is Spanish and I feel that transcribing helped me improve my English and writing skills.
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