graduates communicate about their concerns
beginning choices.

In the picture, Takim and Alejandro were talking about how anxious they were about planning for what us students were going to learn. The first day was located at Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE). The students and teachers were located at the school site during the beginning of the program for orientation.

Metabronx internship senior Alejandro (on the left) started his internship as a junior at BASE. His role is a senior apprentice at Metabronx. He started and ended as a member of the hardware team. The window team helped him to be more productive at Metabronx. His experience is more hands on than school as he works on hardware in Metabronx. His role has impacted him by helping him to narrow down his career options-- to be more tech focused. Takim (on the right) used to be on the development team. He is now a college student and he supervises in metabronx. Metabronx is a program for young people can have a startup. It gives them experience and a better chance for more opportunities.
bronx academy for software engineering(BASE)
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