taking about Trump
je parle au sujet du president
c'est juste que j'ai voulu parle de lui

I propose that the president stop preventing immigrants from entering the country and give them the freedom to live. I did a little survey to see what people think about the president. After all, I could infer that people hated the behavior of the president. My idea was that if you have a little idea and you do not know what to do, you can try to ask yourself the question or ask questions. That's what I got as an idea. Some of the ideas from people I gave the survey to were:

“Trump fuels the fear of immigrants by describing them as "foreigners" to stay in favor of and keep control of the political base of the extremist conservatives who elected him. a political tactic used by authoritarian leaders around the world and all time.”

“Trump prevents immigrants from integrating because he conceals that Hispanics are all rapists, etc.”

“I do not know, but he certainly has a reason to do so, and it may also be because he does not need foreigners in the United States anymore.”

This means that many people are thinking: Trump is trying to get the favors of politics so that the laws are on his side. That's why he's treating people strangely. Also, people think that Trump prevents immigrants from joining the United States of America because he has assumptions about them without knowing them.

My idea was to have more than one type of opinion to increase my level of knowledge, and I can say that each of us has a way of thinking and seeing things. It is better to have more definition to increase the level of knowledge of everyone.
Bronx, NY
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